Daily Themed Mini Crossword May 3 2020 Solutions

As a big fan of crossword puzzles i know it very well how hard is it sometimes to solve them, thats why at this post im providing your: Daily Themed Mini Crossword May 1 2020 Solutions. We wanna thank you for visiting our site. Have fun and enjoy your time by solving this great puzzle.

Daily Themed Mini Crossword May 1 2020 Solutions:

Limbs engaged while raising toasts 4 Crossword Clue ARMS
Oh__beautiful day it is: 2 wds 5 Crossword Clue WHATA
Dismisses from a job informally 5 Crossword Clue FIRES
Remove the cover of a pen say 5 Crossword Clue UNCAP
Take a__for yourself 4 Crossword Clue LOOK
Reptile found in the Nile 3 Crossword Clue ASP
Dinner that might be rare or medium rare 5 Crossword Clue STEAK
__Polo traveler and merchant from Venice 5 Crossword Clue MARCO
Safari sight with a horn for short 5 Crossword Clue RHINO
Pretty bad 5 Crossword Clue AWFUL

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