Daily Themed Mini Crossword April 28 2020 Solutions

As a big fan of crossword puzzles i know it very well how hard is it sometimes to solve them, thats why at this post im providing your: Daily Themed Mini Crossword April 28 2020 Solutions. We wanna thank you for visiting our site. Have fun and enjoy your time by solving this great puzzle.

Daily Themed Mini Crossword April 28 2020 Solutions:

Places to stop for some drinks 4 Crossword Clue PUBS
__Destination (American horror movie franchise) 5 Crossword Clue FINAL
Love Me Like You Do singer Goulding 5 Crossword Clue ELLIE
Bizarre and uncanny 5 Crossword Clue WEIRD
The S in EST for short 3 Crossword Clue SRD
Winter transport 4 Crossword Clue SLED
John Logie__co-inventor of the mechanical TV 5 Crossword Clue BAIRD
Like a candle waiting to be burned 5 Crossword Clue UNLIT
Heaps and heaps 5 Crossword Clue PILES
A__Good Men (movie starring Tom Cruise) 3 Crossword Clue FEW


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