Daily Themed Crossword April 30 2020 Answers

If you need help with Daily Themed Crossword April 30 2020 Answers, then you are here on the right place. Every day we will publish at our site the whole solution of the oldest crossword puzzle worldwide.  As a huge fan of Daily Themed Crossword i have been playing their puzzles for a long time and now i have created a website to help other fans like me with the answers and solutions of every single question.

Daily Themed Crossword April 30 2020 Answers:

The Italian__(2003 thriller starring Mark Wahlberg) 3 Letters JOB
Spring month for short 3 Letters APR
Opus__(The Da Vinci Code sect) 3 Letters DEI
Hal Frosters Prince__(son of Prince Valiant) 3 Letters ARN
Nanny__(baby monitor) 3 Letters CAM
Cash dispenser: Abbr 3 Letters ATM
Toad’s cousin 4 Letters FROG
Like a well-ventilated room 4 Letters AIRY
2002 superhero film in which Kirsten Dunst (birthday today) played the role of Mary Jane Watson: Hyph 9 Letters SPIDERMAN
What flamingos usually stand on: 2 wds 6 Letters ONELEG
Hair goop 3 Letters GEL
Little__1994 period drama film in which Kirsten Dunst played the role of a younger Amy March 5 Letters WOMEN
There are ten in a decade 5 Letters YEARS
Give it__(try): 2 wds 3 Letters AGO
Head ailment 4 Letters ACHE
Pouch-like part in the body 3 Letters SAC
Palindromic time of the day 4 Letters NOON
__Beta Kappa (college honor society) 3 Letters PHI
Does the backstroke say 5 Letters SWIMS
__Tots potato dish 5 Letters TATER
Rams mate 3 Letters EWE
__with It 2011 rom-com starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston: 2 wds 6 Letters JUSTGO
Kendrick Lamars music style 3 Letters RAP
__with the Vempire 1994 horror drama film in which Kirsten Dunst played the role of Claudia 9 Letters INTERVIEW
Its__-brainer: 2 wds 3 Letters ANO
The D in CD-ROM 4 Letters DISC
Approximate landing hour: Abbr 3 Letters ETA
Luke to Darth Vader 3 Letters SON
Tie the__(wed) 4 Letters KNOT
Neithers partner 3 Letters NOR
__Game (song by Taylor Swift featuring Ed Sheeran and Future) 3 Letters END
Will Smith’s wife 4 Letters JADA
Old phone button abbreviation 4 Letters OPER
__It On 2000 teen comedy film in which Kirsten Dunst played the role of Torrance Shipman 5 Letters BRING
Needle hole 3 Letters EYE
Shoe bottom 4 Letters SOLE
__Crunch (cereal mascot) 4 Letters CAPN
Its__(draw) 2 wds 4 Letters ATIE
2550 in old Rome 4 Letters MMDL
Wee backward 3 Letters EEW
Comedy-drama TV series in which Kirsten Dunst played the role of Peggy Blumquist in the second season 5 Letters FARGO
Pacific__(2013 movie starring Idris Elba) 3 Letters RIM
__pro nobis (pray for us) 3 Letters ORA
OB-__(one type of doctor) 3 Letters GYN
House in a building for short 3 Letters APT
__-ching! (cash register sound) 3 Letters CHA
Like a successful movie 3 Letters HIT
Shrek’s companions is one 3 Letters ASS
Like uncooked meat 3 Letters RAW
__-fi (genre of Arrival or Inception) 3 Letters SCI
The Cats__2001 historical drama film in which Kirsten Dunst played the role of Marion Davies 4 Letters MEOW
Sydney’s state: Abbr 3 Letters NSW
China’s__Zedong 3 Letters MAO
It may be fragile for a narcissist 3 Letters EGO
What N stands for in NGO 3 Letters NON
No clue in text speak 3 Letters IDK
The Hand That Feeds band: Abbr 3 Letters NIN
Generals name in a Chinese chicken dish 3 Letters TSO
Button to push a CD out of the player 5 Letters EJECT
Karel Capeks play that introduced the term robot 3 Letters RUR
Pet reindeer in the film Frozen 4 Letters SVEN
Third child of the Jackson family lovingly 4 Letters TITO
Neutral or reverse e.g 4 Letters GEAR
Clear the slate 5 Letters ERASE
Unknown author for short 4 Letters ANON
Ducks hangout spot 4 Letters POND

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